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Coconut Tangerine Melt



Coco Nucifera (Organic, Cold-pressed Coconut) Oil, Citrus Tangerina (Organic, Cold pressed Tangerine) oil

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Wild Beaute’s Coconut Tangerine Melts are composed of 100% pure, organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil that melts on the skin to provide intense hydration for the whole body. This lightweight product melt right into your skin without bringing you down yet still provides you with top hydration all year long. Applies smooth and disappears into your skin leaving you with baby smooth skin without any greasiness.

Our oils are ideal for all hair and skin types, including dry, eczema-prone skin, and chemically-treated hair. Coconut oils are a source of rich fatty acids that seal in moisture and lauric acid to fight inflammation and leave your skin smooth and dewy all day long. The tangerine essentials oils are great for brightening the skin while mixing with the coconut to create an enticing scent.

Apply our melt daily to your face, hair and body.

Use this product to:
-Hair Mask
-Face Mask
-Face moisturizer
-Lip balm
-Hand cream
-Body moisturizer
-Shave oil
-On spot treatment
-Hair tamer/defrizzer
-Strech mark reducer
-Eczema soother
-Rash soother
-Makeup remover


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