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Balancing Health, Wellness and Skincare

It is important to have balance in life. It is what works and provides the greatest results. Overdoing one thing, underdoing another will not give you the optimal results. In order to have beautiful skin, we need to look at 3 aspects that provide us with the healthy skin for life. First off, starting early is best. People tend to wait till they see signs of aging or problems in order to take care of it. It is human nature. But if we want a nice palate we must start before we see anything and avoid problems. The following will help to create an in sync so that it all shows throw your skin in the end.


  1. Health

With all the wonderful treats, and food that is out there we tend to indulge. It is fine to do it once in a while but a balance is key. Eating proper dietary food in proper portions will keep your health right. How to take care of your health at any age is a different topic. Although there basics that carry out. For instance in taking high-quality vitamins, fruits, juices, and balanced meals. These are all ways to rejuvenate your mind and body from the inside.


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2. Wellness

What does wellness mean? There are a lot of terms that get thrown around nowadays confusing all of us. By definition, it means to be in good health especially through active routes. This is one of those parts that many people leave out or the healthy eating part. For this what it means is that you keep yourself active. Whether it is running, walking, going to yoga, gym, pilates, rock climbing or simply joining a dance class. You must keep yourself active. This keeps your body circulation intact, your mind awake and your aura happy. Simply including 30 minutes at least 3 times a week if you are not big on activities will do it.

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3. Skincare


Lastly, since this is a circle of looking and feeling our great last part of the puzzle is your skincare. There are so many skincare products on the market and it can all become quite overwhelming. You have the upper hand of research. Usually, we only had products that were all chemical based and very few products that were natural. But those natural products were not quite properly formulated and results were a bit not amusing. Always do your research on any product you use. Google all ingredients and check to see if it is something that will help you in the end. Skincare is very important even though many choose to not use it until they start to see signs of aging which might be after their mid-20s. In all actuality, skincare should be a part of your regimen as early of an age as possible. At least your basics such as cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. These basics will help you in the long run. Even if you start using skincare later on, never fear a little too late is never too late, because you will then be preventing future problems.


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In the end is important to have a balance between all three of these pillars in order to look and feel our best.

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