English Rose Natural Perfume Oil - Aromatherapy - Wild Beaute
Maroon Oliver

English Rose Natural Perfume Oil - Aromatherapy

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English Rose Natural Perfume Oil, with organic jojoba oil blended with our best selling essential oils.

English Rose - not a stuffy overbearing rose scent, just pure rose, this scent is loved by everyone!

Also Available in :

Lavender Mint Splash - a soft sweet spa like scent, my best selling scent hands down!

Lavender Dream - our own unique blend with lavender, orange and patchouli

Vanilla - pure sweet vanilla like no other. You won't match this scent anywhere!

These roll-on perfumes are perfect for those with sensitivities, or for someone that doesn't care to be blown away with a strong fragrance, but likes a nice natural scent.

Now in a glass roll-on bottle! 7 ml