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Most products on the market are heated at higher degrees, unfortunately, destroying almost all of these natural properties and skin-saving benefits. In other words, we leave our products in their purest form, as nature intended.

NOT ALL “All Natural, Organic Products” Are Created The Same!

The difference is in the amounts of nutrients and vitamins left in the oil after they are pressed. Our oils are Virgin Organic, Cold pressed, and Un-fractioned. What does this mean? In the process of breaking down the oil, the fruit or nut it is derived from is compressed and heated. We make sure to heat our oils to the lowest degree, no more than 76 degrees. Leaving them in their purest form, maintaining all of their natural properties. Using this technique of production ensures that the oils will maintain all of their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

PURE As Nature Intended

We use 100% Pure Certified Organic Oils in our products. The ingredients are derived from sustainable farms across the globe with the highest priorities given to quality, and cleanliness. If it doesn’t grow from the earth, it is not in our products. It’s as simple as that. We do not remove any vitamins or nutrients from our ingredients. All the scents, colors and texture you see and feel, are as true as they get, as nature intended. As we are against the use of synthetic fillers and chemicals of any kind, each and every ingredient in our products are “active” ingredients. This results in pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas. No sulfates. No silicones. No parabens. No GMOs. No toxins. Never! With the right mix of pure ingredients and cutting-edge chemistry, our products deliver better, more effective results than conventional products.

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