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DYI Organic Wild Beaute Sugar scrub

Make your own Sugar Scrub with our Coconut Tangerine Melt. Use this amazing multi-tasker in multiple ways. To have super smooth skin and get rid of that dead skin cells which get in the way of clean and clear skin you need a little help from a scrub.

Turns out, the entire ingredient list is in the name: Wild Beaute’s coconut Tangerine melt and granulated, not fine sugar. Since our Melt already contains amazing tangerine scent and the benefits of that pure essential oil you are already benefiting and ahead of the game.

Ingredients & Formula:

  • 4 parts sugar
  • 1 part Coconut Tangerine Melt


  1. Measure out the sugar into a bowl. Plain white table sugar works great for this recipe, or you can use natural sugar for a more vigorous scrub. If you’re just making one batch for yourself, 4 heaping tablespoons will be enough for a miniature mason jar.
  2. Add the coconut oil. (So if you’re making one little mason jar’s worth, you’d add a heaping tablespoon of oil.) If you’ve never used coconut oil before, you should know that it’s usually solid at room temperature, so it doesn’t look like oil at all. Once it warms up just a bit, it turns into a liquid. This property is part of what makes it such a good ingredient for a body scrub. It liquefies on contact!
  3. Mix both together. At first, it will seem like you have the wrong proportions as it takes a while for the oil to mix with the sugar. It will eventually turn into a grainy sludge that roughly holds its shape.

This scrub is so easy to use and is great for your skin. You just rub a dab onto your skin for a few seconds, rinse off with warm water, and gently pat dry. The sugar exfoliates and then dissolves quickly in the water, and the coconut oil will stay behind to continue moisturizing, so there’s no need to add lotion.

Body scrubs are so great for exfoliation and moisturizing, but did you know you can also use this as a shave cream? After you apply the scrub, rinse it gently off, and the coconut oil left behind will buffer your skin from the razor. It actually works better than any shave cream I’ve tried.

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