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Creating Wild Beaute was about so much more than just beauty and skin care for our founder. It marked starting a movement to make this world a better, safer home to all of the precious living creatures we have on our planet. We wanted to develop a brand and company motivated by not an only an interest to revolutionize beauty but to conserve wildlife.

Every day many of our species are two steps closer to extinction and this is majorly due to human beings. Whether it is for our greed, consumer demand in leather, fur, or collectibles, various species of animals are becoming extinct. We hope to educate society about wildlife endangerment as a result of human activity and grow awareness about the cause to conserve our wildlife.

We support organizations locally and globally to help protect endangered wildlife species.. “We need to protect our wild, and make sure that our animals have their home and feel safe to live freely and be as they are. We work with organizations to ensure protection and conservation of wildlife,” Binnie

With your help, we can make this dream a reality. When you purchase our Tangerine Melt online, we donate 1% to DSWT, WWF, & Jane Goodall Foundation. (online only)

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