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Why should we buy organic cosmetics instead of the regular ones?

Nowadays, we live in a world where consumption and awareness go together. Or, at least, they’re supposed to.

We can’t just buy without considering how our purchasing can affect the environment, health, and other person’s labor.

Wild Beauté commits to this way of buying. The firm is on the frontline to offer organic, natural and cruelty-free cosmetics. Our philosophy includes “starting a movement to make this world a better, safer home to all of the precious living creatures we have on our planet”. A company with a motivation: create great products for a better planet.

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This also means to educate people and clients on why put so much emphasis on getting rid of all synthetics and chemicals ingredients.

Everyone one of us can make the difference. This piece intends to outline the two strong reasons for opting for organic cosmetics instead of the regular ones.

1) Preserving our environment

The pictures of sea turtles trapped in six packs and the stomachs of dolphins and fishes full of plastic are the clear examples of how our wastes are damaging oceans.

Experts estimated that in 2050 the proportion between plastic wastes and fishes will be 1:1. One plastic bag for one tuna or shark.

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However, the threats to our waters can be sneakier and more devious. We talk about pollution we can barely see and that could end in our water and the food we eat. They include microplastics and chemicals, like parabens, silicones, microbeads, etc

This kind of material has been widely used for exfoliation or to her a better spread on of skins. They have been part of the cosmetic industry for ages, without considering their impacts on the environment.

Silicones can take an average of 400/500 years before they decompose. This means they could float forever in our salty and fresh waters. Or even, being swallowed by the fishes we will put on our tables.

Some nations are taking prompt action to reverse this trend. The UK government banned microbeads in January 2018, and many more countries are about to follow.

But, as always, when a revolution starts with the individuals, it can be far more effective. So, why don’t you start now by purchasing organic cosmetics?

2) Protecting our body

The environment isn’t the only victim of chemical and synthetic products. Your body is too.

Overuse of spray and lotion made out of silicones can irritate your scalp. While they give to your hair an artificial shine, they also damage your hair growth and provoke an overproduction of sebum and dandruff.

Silicones can also create a barrier on your hair, preventing them from absorbing the vital ingredients they need. The same do to your skin, trapping dirt, sweat, bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. The likely result will be a dull and unhealthy skin.


In large quantity, parabens can be cancerogenic, as they interfere with hormone function

(2). One, in particular, the Methylparaben, applied on the skin reacts with UVB leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The cosmetics you’ve always used can turn out to be your body and health’s enemy.

So, are organic cosmetics the answer?

Basically, if you want to stop polluting materials’ dispersion into our waters and prevent side-effects we wrote about, organic cosmetics are the answer.

Making the difference has never been so easy. The new techniques of production ensure that the oils will maintain all of their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This means that you could opt for 100% organic cosmetics preserving all the qualities of their natural ingredients.

This is the Wild Beauté approach.


We honor our purpose here, our talents, the process of creation and our own links back to where we all started.

For our products, like the Coconut Tangerine Melt (Multitasking Moisturizer)[link to the product page], the Glisten, Brightening Face Cream[link] and the Rose Aloe Spritz (Toner)[link], we use only 100% pure certified organic oils from sustainable farms across the globe.

This kind of innovative cosmetics will allow us to protect the environment, preserve our beauty and our body and don’t regret chemical ingredients.

Let’s join us and go organic.

1 -https://beautyeditor.ca/2017/03/28/why-avoid-silicones-on-skin

2 –https://davidsuzuki.org/queen-of-green/dirty-dozen-parabens





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