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You are what you Eat? Nutrition Real Talk

When it comes to food we are surrounded by the most delectable kinds of food you can imagine. We have meat, veggies, carbs, fish, sweets you name it, it exists. It is nothing more than the pure temptation to want to eat such delectables you see on your Instagram page. You want to reach into your screen and try and mouth-watering thing in the world. There is nothing really wrong with that. But this article is about nutrition and our body so let’s get to it.


Proper nutrition feeds our mind, body, and soul. Studies have proven that when we conscientiously eat, we are filling our body with the most vital nutrients and vitamins. There are people who big gym goers, but some do it wrong when they say “I eat what I want and just go to the gym”. If you workout hard enough yes you can burn the calories, but in the end, you are just burning fat and not gaining anything.

The right kind of food intake works with our body and its functions to help prevent damage and help fight even diseases. The right nutrition comes from pure organic plant base. Not just plants.


Nathalie Marquez Courtney - food

As you may already know that most of our food grown is sprayed, cleaned, filled with chemicals, pesticides, and hormones. It is not natural for a strawberry to be the size of an apple. These are all genetically modified. When products that are purely organic go through their process, they are monitored and nothing can be added or removed from the source. You only end up with the purest form of fruits, vegetables, and edible source.

Even with this, if we were to fry or overcook our food we lose nutrients quickly and easily. You have to remember these are living things that we are eating. Best thing to do is slightly cook the veggies and sprinkle with little salt for flavor in order to get the most nutrients.


Fruits et légumes de saison en janvier : le cerfeuil

The power of organic plants is super incredible. They have the power to work with our body and heal it inside out by giving us the defense mechanism of a superhuman.

Those “DETOX” programs and what not everyone talks about can only and naturally be done through our bowel movements. That’s another topic to be covered.

So go ahead want to lose weight? Detox your body of toxins? Build up your defense? Sick and want to feel better in an affordable way rather than keep going to doctors and popping pills?

GO ORGANIC- Go on the Raw Organic Veggies lifestyle.

I wont call this a program, diet. Because it is natural.

Tell me how the organic lifestyle has affected your life ? ?


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